This book will show you:
Your foundation for building a successful business.

In this book you will find 36 golden nuggets on how to set up your business to be truly excellent, and become one of the shining stars of the business world.

This book will give you more control of your business. You will learn how to provide your customers with outstanding value. So much value that they will want to share the story with others, creating more customers in the process.
You are about to embark on a journey that will take you through the transformation process of how to become a successful business and organization.

Matts is a best-selling author with over 25 years of experience. He has written the book Business Excellence Revolution (Lite som Dalai Lama fast för organisationer [in Swedish]) and has co-authored Change Agents with Brian Tracy.

As a leading authority within the field of leadership and organizational development, he has helped numerous organizations reach new levels of excellence through genuine customer focus and sound business practice.

From his own experiences of being ill from stress, he has found the importance of having a good working environment and how that bring the best out of people. People that feel good perform better and this gives a better financial situation. This knowledge and experience have influenced the book.

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What you will learn in this book

  • Customer Focus

    Your ability to focus on your customer and their true needs are essential for you in order to succeed. All to many too many are only paying lip-service to that expression, but you need to do it for real. There is only one boss, and that is the customer! In the book you will find out what you need to do, to successfully focus on your customers.

  • The Control Of Your Business

    Why, where and how? And based on what values? Things that are essential for you and the team to know, understand, and be a true part of. All to many work without answers on those question and they are struggling. But you will succeed when you have these golden nuggets in place.

  • Your Business Model

    It is important to have a clear understanding of how your business model looks like. Again, to many do not really know, they merely shot from the hip. You see around you, those that got their business model crisp, and guess what, that is why you recognize them. Not for being bad, but for being good.

  • Processes Are The Business

    Creation of value for your customers are the business. If it is recurring, then you have a process. You need to understand and to design them. Your success are depending on it. Read in the book to get the knowledge.

  • Run Efficient Projects

    The other main work that you do in your business, are run as projects. To be successful you need to be very skilled on running projects. How to think about projects is described in the book.

  • Are You Learning....All The Time?

    In order to deal effectively with change, we will need to understand the need of constant improvements. You need to be better today than you where yesterday, and become even better tomorrow. Here you will get the foundation of building an environment of constant improvement.

Easy and Fun to Read

The book is easy and fun to read, with short chapters, describing every Golden Nuggets to the point.

The format of the book is created so that you can easily take it with you to read on a flight, on the train, or at you management meeting, getting the information you need fast and easy whenever you need it. It is after all a Handbook for the Successful Leader!

Comments about the book

This book contains a great collection of important stuff, powerful described in short chapters. Me like!

- PA Ericson, Business Leader

I love the short description of the important components, and together with the add-on material, especially the poster, on the site it's real dynamite for my career.

- John Smith, Senior VP

Matts is good at describing the facts and to paint it with good examples. I highly recommend every leader to take part of the information.

- Tim Furgesson, CEO

Matts can help you bring the customer back into your business. Matts has the talent, skill and methods to help you take your business and your carrier to the next level.

- Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, and Coach

  About Matts Rehnstrom

Matts Rehnström work as a management consultant, trainer, author and speaker. His interest in leadership and organizations started during his early years in the Swedish military forces.

He was interested in the mechanisms that made people work together and solve tasks, even though the situation is so stressful and dangerous. That hostile environment calls for thorough leadership and clear orders, on one hand. On the other hand, it also calls for friendship and will to solve situations together. These foundations has been taken by Matts into the business life.

Matts has 25 years of experience from various leading positions and he has also helped numerous organizations to improve their leaders skills, and how they design their work flow in order to deliver an outstanding value to their customers. He also worked hard to make people in the organization been seen, heard and confirmed - part of the basic human needs.

In this book he describes how you should organize yourself in order to increase your efficiency and you customer focus, at the same time as the people in the organization is feeling more engaged. All leading to a much better profit.

There is a world where we all are winners.
Matts sees that world. Let him show you too.

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